Daily Laundry Service care for Long-term relationship with our daily Customers.
We provide not only Fair & Affordable price but also Quality services.
We use Environmental Labeling Detergents.
Daily Laundry Service will finish all clothing on the same day while it usually takes One Day(24hr service).
Bleaching service for stained clothes will be provided.
Delivery Service( within limited region of our shops ) will be provided.
We enjoy to Link with “Hotels, Motels, Hostels,Inns, Restaurants and Spas (Uniforms)”.

Environmental Friendly

Nowadays,As People are more care about Green Environment, we are living the world with many chemical around us.
As we are Laundry Service, we use Chemical(Detergents) to clean our products.
The chemical drain as waste products into our freshwater source.
However, Daily Laundry Service care our environmental issue and only use Environmental Labeling Detergents(less chemical).
***Let us take care of your Daily Clothes!***